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    • Manoj Kumar
      I am Manoj Kumar, 9 years from poor family suffering from congenital heart disease; TAPVD. I need to undergo an open heart surgery for intra...

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    • Nafis Ali
      I am Nafis Ali, 8 years from poor family suffering from congenital heart disease; TOF. I need to undergo an open heart surgery for intra...

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    FAQ General

    a) Is NHF is a registered organization?

    • Yes, it is a registered trust by deed on 28-02-2002

    b) What does NHF do?

    • Helps heart patients from very poor socio economic background to get treatment

    c) How does NHF raise funds?

    • The trust mainly depends on donations from Philanthropic public and organizations through personal appeals.

    d) Does NHF receive government funds?

    • No, the trust facilitates the patient individual to apply for grants and in some cases the fund will directly reach the hospital to cover up the partial treatment expenses.

    e) Will my small contribution make a difference as the costs of the heart operations are expensive?

    • Yes, every drop of your contribution will make a difference in some ones life. So do not hesitate to give your small contribution. The NHF receives 80% its donations through small individual donations only.

    FAQ Donation

    a) How much money actually gets to the cause?

    • 100% of your donation directly reaches to the beneficiary and NHF never utilizes the donation on administration costs. The trusts over head cost is 0% as every trustee contributes his time, energy and resources voluntarily.

    b) What is the guarantee that the money donated will be used for the said purpose?

    • Transparency – all donations received are documented donor wise, date wise which can be verified at any time.
    • Since donations made to the trust are tax exempted under the Income Tax Act 80G, a close watch is kept on the account by the Government auditor.
    • The trust can facilitate the interaction between the donor and the beneficiary

    c) How do I donate?

    • By cheque/ DD drawn in favour of Needy Heart Foundation payable at Bangalore. A receipt will be issued for every donation. Please mention the address and pin code of the bank for outstation cheques.

    d) Do I get the follow up of the patient I sponsor?

    • Yes, if you wish so

    e) Who should be contacted if any classification is required?

    • Send us a mail or call us

    f) Is there tax exemption benefit for my donation?

    • Yes, 50% of tax exemption under the 80G is assured.

    g) How can I help you process receipts faster?

    • It is sufficient if you mention your full name, address and your reference Number on the reverse side of the Cheque or DD or on the covering letter.

    FAQ Gateway payment

    a) What is online payment gateway?

    • A payment gateway is an e-commerce application that allows you to process your transactions over the Internet. It is basically a way to process electronic transactions more secured way with high standard of information protection to ensure your donation reaches the beneficiary.

    b) Why payment gateway?

    • It reduces geographic and time barrier to donate from living anywhere in the world easily to the genuine cause.
    • Time saving and secured way to reach your donation to the cause.

    c) Will my donation reach100% to the cause?

    • No. we will receive only 90% of your donation and the remaining 10% will go as processing charge before it reaches to our hand.

    FAQ Treatment

    a) Where does NHF work?

    • The foundation is placed in Bangalore and receives patients from all over India

    b) Does NHF help international patients?

    • Yes, if the patient comes under clause of NHF

    c) Can I recommend a patient for financial help from your trust?

    • Yes, you can. Each case will be judged on its merit.

    d) How much financial help can a patient receive from NHF?

    • It can be partial or total depending upon the merit of the case and availability of funds

    e) Any documents required from the beneficiary to avail financial assistance?

    • Doctor’s letter indicating the diagnosis and the need for the treatment
    • Reliable proof of income
    • Two-passport size photo
    Needy Heart Foundation are
    50% Tax Exempt under section
    80G(5)(Vi) of the I.T.Act, 1961
    (For Indian Nationals Only)