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    • Manoj Kumar
      I am Manoj Kumar, 9 years from poor family suffering from congenital heart disease; TAPVD. I need to undergo an open heart surgery for intra...

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    • Nafis Ali
      I am Nafis Ali, 8 years from poor family suffering from congenital heart disease; TOF. I need to undergo an open heart surgery for intra...

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    NHF is a Non Government, Non Profit Organization, started by a group of likeminded & dedicated group of Indian Citizens covering Cardiac Surgeons, Corporate Executives and Professionals from different walks of life.

    NHF was founded in 2001 in response to the overwhelming need for affordable healthcare for needy heart patients with the aim to lower deaths caused by heart diseases due to the lack of money or knowledge.

    We help by reaching out to the poor and weaker sections of society, irrespective of nationality, religion, color, caste or creed. Whilst most of the patients came from India-mostly from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, NHF has been instrumental in treating critical patients neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Nigeria, Iraq etc.

    The growth over the years involved vision; developing and enhancing strategic plans; colossal work including gradually increasing presence from one Hospital to ten Hospitals; multiplied dealings & Correspondence with Hospitals, Donors, & Patients; organizing increased number of “Heart Camps” every year (total of 135 so far); ever-increasing Funds raised from Individuals, NGOs, Corporates etc from a mere Rs. two lacks in the first year to almost Rs 3 crore in the last year; developing meaningful MOUs with our partners etc.

    NHF works on almost zero percent overheads. Most of the staff is taken care of by the Hospitals where they are located. Even normal expenses like Board Meetings are shared by the Board Members. One of the major achievements of the Foundation has been to create complete transparency of the use of donations received. It ensures that every Rupee received by way of donations is utilized effectively.

    The Foundation sends the patients only to those Hospitals which offer most economical Heart Surgery Packages in Bangalore. Further it has arrived at an understanding with certain Heart Surgeons who do not charge operation fees for the surgery of such poor patients. It has organized its book of accounts in such a way that any donor can have access to the utilization of their donations any time of the day or even through web / internet.

    The Foundation has developed a website (www.needyheartfoundation.org) that is used to disseminate useful information for the benefit of the Patients, Donors, as well as the general public.

    The trust has got approval under class 80G of the Income Tax Act 1956 for Tax exemption to donors.

    Needy Heart Foundation are
    50% Tax Exempt under section
    80G(5)(Vi) of the I.T.Act, 1961
    (For Indian Nationals Only)