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    Tejhas Jagadish

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    A Hole Hearted Story Filled With Love

    Mohammed Ibrahim, was born on the 13th of J une in the year 2012 to Maksura Bibi and Mohammed Aroz.

    His father, Aroz is 32 years old and works as a farmer. His mother, Maksura Bibi was a housewife. Their family was delighted with the birth of another cute little baby sister, Habiba. They are a Bengali family living in Bangladesh.

    Everything seemed to be alright, a normal family living a normal life. But, Ibrahim and Habiba no more had the chance to experience their motherly love anymore and Aroz did not have a loving wife any­more. Maksura Bibi had passed away. The suffering did not stop there. If the passing of Maksura Bibi hadn’t already done enough to the family, Mohammed Ibrahim was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Disease. There was a Ventricle Septal Defect (Hole in the heart).

    This heart condition required a VS D Closure. Even before they could find a hospital to get the surgery done. They had exhausted all their funds by just travelling all over India in search of a Surgeon. When they came to Bengaluru, they had an opportunity to have the surgery done for free at a hospital, but the doctors there could not help them. They went to another hospital, but the doctors denied.

    When Aroz’s hopes were crashing down, and it seemed like there was no love left in this world for his son Ibrahim, Needy Heart Foundation came to their rescue, informed them about Fortis Hospital and how they might have doctors that could help them. Dr. Joseph Xavier, agreed immediately and made all the necessary arrangements for the surgery. There were tests conducted to check if Ibrahim was fit for the surgery. Meanwhile, NHF raised enough money needed for the surgery.

    The fourth day of the new year, 2018, finally brought good new to their family. Ibrahim was admitted, Dr. Joseph Xavier successfully performed the surgery and Ibrahim was discharged after a short recovery period. If it wasn’t for selflessness, there would’ve been a bigger hole in the hearts of Aroz and Habiba.

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